The Scary Elevator!

People’s reactions were funny. Some would say, “I’m not riding in THAT! It’s Scary”

The Elevator just goes up one floor. A great feature that we use surprisingly often.

But it didn’t look welcoming. Dark paneling. A single, overhead florescent light that vibrated and hummed as if designed to annoy.

It was neat and clean but you felt "Trapped"
When did those Princess Telephones first appear?

The Fix was simple:

  • Remove the old light fixture and install four small LED spotlights to wash down the walls.
  • A ceiling medallion worked great to cover the holes from the old light.
  • Remove that hideous wall telephone. I don’t have telephone line service anyway.
  • Paint the walls to match the hallway; a pleasant light sandy color.
  • Add some “Artwork”. Makes people forget it’s a small elevator.
Medallion covers the holes from old light
Small LED gimballed spotlights wash the walls giving soft, indirect light