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Dartmoor in Winter
Dartmoor in Winter
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In 2013, I bought a 20 year-old traditional-contemporary house. The architect oriented the rooms to capture sunlight throughout the day. Overlooking views of the lake below and neighboring golf course. The floor-plan is a delight! Two fireplaces and six bathrooms… and an elevator!

Sounds Idyllic… So what is the problem?

Same problem with many houses… Some building trades just don’t care.

  • The interior mill work was fitted to perfection. But then every gutter sloped the wrong way and rainwater emptied into the basement.
  • The brickwork is among the best I’ve ever seen. But you couldn’t heat the house with its scant attic insulation.
  • Beautiful travertine tile in the bathroom. But they failed to waterproof the shower, so the sub-floor rotted and nearly collapsed into the cellar.
How does this happen. Why? Because because owners don’t know to speak up. Read on to see how we fixed it.

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