BMW K75S 1994 - Sorry... It's SOLD

1994 K75S Limited Edition in Dakar Yellow, 27,035 original miles
Well-maintained everything works, maintenance logs, no damage, lots of extras

Parked in my Garage in Crossville, TN USA

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Parked along the Intra-coastal in Palm Beach, FL
Bike ready for a long-distance tour
Bike Fitted for Touring
  1. Hard Cover Locking Panniers. Included are two new Soft Baggage Inserts
  2. Top Case features 1/4-Dzus quick release for easy mounting/removal.
  3. Tank Bag offers an expansion insert for added storage and a weatherproof plastic map cover
  4.  GPS Navigation: Mount for dedicated GPS includes a custom 5v power supply.
  5. Corbin seat is very comfortable on 800 mile day rides
  6. Handlebar Extensions give the Sport Bike an improved touring posture.
5v power supply under seat

GPS Mount

& Power Supply

With today’s electronics, it’s good to have a 5v power supply to drive a GPS or smart phone or other gear.
Since this wasn’t available in 1994, there is a custom DC-DC converter mounted under the seat.
  • Here’s a description of how it was built
  • A dedicated USB cable runs to the instrument panel to drive any GPS
  • Or you can charge a 2nd device that fits under the seat or run a 2nd cable, etc.
  • Device is wired to the switched ignition but you can disconnect it from the buss using the rocker switch on the box
  • (The larger box in the center is the anti-theft controller)
Flexible mount for any GPS Navigator


I bought the bike in Feb 2011 from a friend who bought it 2 years earlier. So I’ve known it for 11 years. No damage. I read (but now cannot find the reference) that only 50 copies of this special edition were imported into the USA in 1994. All in this shade of Yellow. Ted Verrill has a great info site on the K75 model years.

If you are serious about bike maintenance, you check the bike before each ride and you do full annual inspections replacing any part not to spec. Here’s an overview, details are in the logs.

  • Three Maintenance Manuals included (Two Clymer, One Haynes)
  • Fuel: Replaced rubber housing for pump inside tank. Replaced all fuel lines and fuel filter.
  • ABS: Replaced control unit.
  • Engine: Mobil1 Super-Syn, Have Oil Filter tool, Iridium Spark Plugs, coolant flushed regularly
  • Drive Train: Michelin Pilot Activ tires, Spline lubed, Fork Oil replaced, Rear drive oil replaced
  • Brakes: Flushed lines regularly, New pads, New master cylinder
  • New Battery 2016, external socketfor battery charger or maintainer
  • Odometer: The original BMW gears in the odometer will turn into “oatmeal” at some point. I replaced these with custom made gears from
Odometer gears
New gears for odometer

Other Photos

Front view of Bike on Center Stand
Rear view of Bike on Side Stand
Backrest for the Corbin Seat
Right Side view in Tennessee
Rear view of Corbin Backrest
Right Side view "Bare Bike"

Detailed Photos of Included Accessories

Original BMW Seat in Like-New Condition
Travel cover and HandleBar Tiedown Straps
Luggage Inserts to Panniers
Rear Tire Tread
Underside of BMW Saddle
Mileage as of Feb 2020
Two Hard Travel Cases
Front Tire Tread
Top view of Luggage Inserts
Back Support to Installed Corbin Seat
Ant-Theft Remote Plus 3 Service Manuals
Expansion Case to Tank Bag
Map cover to Tank Bag


I pulled the bike from the garage on a 35 deg F afternoon in Feb 2020. Started right up as always.
Took the bike for a quick ride on 16 Feb 2020